Lab News

January 2024 | Recently featured in Drug Discovery News: 'From COVID-19 to TB, mucosal vaccines stop infections before they start'

November 2023 | Welcome to the lab Noah

New PhD student co-advised with Paolo Provenzano

September 2023 | Congratulations to Deepthi on graduating with her masters in BME! 🎉 Off to a research technician position at Beth Isreal Deaconess. And with that, we officially have our first Hartwell Lab alum 😊

July 2023 | Article about our lab's work out in IAVI: 'Hitchhiking the mucosa'

Other relevant reading: 'Is stopping SARS-CoV-2 transmission an attainable goal?' 🦠

March 2023 | In the news for Michelson Prize: Quest to Improve Intranasal Vaccines and Transmucosal Uptake 

February 2023 | Pioneering a new era of intranasal vaccines

January 2023 | Dr. Hartwell receives Michelson Prize Next Generation Grant

November 2022 | Welcome to the lab Maddy, Brandon, Erin, and Justin!

July 2022 | Dr. Hartwell's postdoctoral research on intranasal vaccines is published in Science Translational Medicine and featured on the cover!

Read the publication here.

Read commentary on the publication by Frank Szoka here.

July 2022 | Welcome to the lab Deepthi!

March 2022 | Dr. Hartwell wins the MIT Koch Institute Image Award 

See the image and more information on MIT's website here.

Check out Dr. Hartwell's lightning talk on at the Koch Institute award ceremony below:

November 2021 | Our inaugural member: Welcome to the lab Daman! 

September 2021 | Welcome baby Claire! 

August 2021 | Dr. Hartwell starts as an Assistant Professor in BME at UMN. Hartwell Immunoengineering Lab doors officially open! 🥼🥳